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October 06, 2012

CT: Thousands trained in abuse reporting

Connecticut's Department of Children and Families says over 10,000 people have taken its online training on the state requirements for reporting child abuse and neglect. The videos, which outline the state's mandated abuse reporting laws, went online three months ago.

October 08, 2012

FL: Florida's new child abuse reporting law among nation's toughest

Florida's new child-abuse-reporting law, passed in the wake of the Penn State scandal, is being called the nation's toughest, and its penalties could have wide-ranging consequences for both universities and ordinary citizens.

October 18, 2012

US: Boy Scout files give glimpse into 20 years of sex abuse

Details of decades of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America, and what child welfare experts say was a corrosive culture of secrecy that compounded the damage, were cast into full public view for the first time on Thursday with the release of thousands of pages of documents describing abuse accusations across the country.

October 22, 2012

US: Fallout from sex-abuse files goes beyond Boy Scouts

The recent release of a "treasure trove" of names, dates and locations of men suspected of molesting boys in Scouting is likely to have broad impact, from sparking new lawsuits to forcing youth-serving organizations to ramp up their efforts to protect children in their care, according to experts in child sexual abuse.
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November 05, 2012

CA: San Jose: Principal convicted of failing to report suspected child abuse by teacher

The conviction of former O.B. Whaley Elementary School Principal Lyn Vijayendran was only the second time in two decades that Santa Clara County prosecutors had brought such a misdemeanor charge -- and the first time they'd won.

November 10, 2012

OK: Victory pastors' lawyer insists that reporting abuse wasn't required

The Daughertys' motion filed Friday also argues that neither of them had firsthand or "nonhearsay" information of any abuse or neglect occurring that would require them to report abuse. "The state could have ... championed the cause of strengthening this law," the filing states. "Instead it has abused its power and the trust of the citizens of Tulsa County by prosecuting persons with no direct knowledge or information of the underlying crime."

November 14, 2012

TX: Serious child abuse injuries rising in Texas and elsewhere, experts say

Dr. James Lukefahr, medical director of the Children's Hospital of San Antonio Center for Miracles, which treats child abuse victims, said anecdotal evidence indicates he and his colleagues have seen a definite increase in seriously injured children needing admittance to the hospital and, in some cases, the intensive care unit in the past three years or so.

November 15, 2012

DC: Bill that expands child sex abuse reporting requirements advances

Nearly all adults in the District would be held liable if they fail to report suspected child sex abuse under a bill tentatively approved Thursday by the D.C. Council.

November 15, 2012

OH: 2 principals suspended for not making abuse report

Two Morrow County elementary-school principals were suspended after detectives found that they had not reported the possible sexual abuse of one of the school's students.

November 17, 2012

CO: Abused or neglected kids more likely to have impaired body and brain

Children who are beaten, starved or abandoned are likely to suffer emotional trauma so severe that it can impair the way their bodies and brains grow up - and, if never addressed, cause lifelong health problems. But in Colorado, specific treatment for such emotional distress is rare, leaving these children vulnerable to being misdiagnosed as mentally ill or hyperactive when, in reality, they are exhibiting post-traumatic stress disorders, experts say. (This article is part of an eight-part investigative series entitled Failed to Death.)

November 16, 2012

UT: Utah pastor removed for allegedly failing to promptly report sex abuse

The Rev. Havili Mone was suspended in August while officials investigated complaints against him. Bishop Elaine Stanovsky wrote in a letter dated Nov. 11 that when Mone first heard reports about the offenses, he "acted to heal the harm of abuse in a way that did not fulfill the expectations of The United Methodist Church and fell short of the professional standards for clergy in the United States."

November 25, 2012

ID: Substance abuse a contributing factor in up to 80 percent of Idaho foster care cases

It's difficult to argue than anyone is more adversely affected than the children of addicts. That reality is evident within Idaho's foster care system.

November 27, 2012

Australia: Child maltreatment linked to mental and physical health disorders in later life

Child physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect is linked to mental health disorders, drug use, suicide attempts, sexually transmitted infections and risky sexual behavior in adulthood, according to a study by researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ).

November 27, 2012

AR: "Stranger danger" is rare in child abuse cases

According to the Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County, 96% of child abusers are people children know and trust. "Either it's that person, the main caretaker, or that person who you have brought into your home or that person who's in your family or in a neighborhood," said Beverly Engle, executive director.

November 29, 2012

CA: Audit: LA Unified schools 'could do more' to improve handling of child abuse reports

L.A. Unified has often failed to follow state law in its child abuse reporting procedures, delaying some notifications to the agency for teacher credentialing by up to three years, according to a state audit on how the district handles child abuse released Thursday.

November 30, 2012

CA: State Senator To Revive Bill Targeting Teachers In Child Abuse Cases

Associated Press - A state senator says he will reintroduce legislation next week to reform the dismissal procedure for California teachers involved in child abuse cases in order to simplify and expedite the process. Alex Padilla, a Los Angeles County Democrat, said Friday that he was spurred to make the move by a state auditor's report on Los Angeles Unified School District's handling of teachers accused of child abuse allegations.

December 07, 2012

US: Child Protection Act Signed into Law

KRGV - Obama signed Cornyn's Child Protection Act on Friday. The act increases the penalties for child pornography, protects child witnesses and gives U.S. marshals new authority to obtain time-sensitive documents. Also:

December 11, 2012

MA: Day-care abuse case spurs call to be tougher on sex offenders

Lowell Sun - Child sexual-abuse charges filed last week against a Wakefield man who worked at his wife's unlicensed day-care center may lead to new legislation making public the names of low-level sex offenders and make it easier to obtain the names of more serious offenders.

December 12, 2012

WA: Trooper charged with failure to report child abuse

Bonney Lake & Sumner Courier-Herald - Wednesday, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged Justin Hamrick, 25, with two counts of Failure to Comply with Mandatory Reporting Laws. The defendant is a Washington State Trooper and, by law, is required to immediately report child abuse or neglect when there is reasonable cause to believe the abuse occurred.